BCC Building Construction
Building a
Stronger Nation.

The construction wing of BCC Group International was born out of the vision to deliver great quality in the construction arena in minimum tenure to high-end clients across the region.

Uniting passion and profession

BCC Building Construction is passionate about building spaces of the future with sustainability and environmental preservation as our USP. We work closely with the client, heeding to all their needs to render tailor-made structures that best suit their interests. We are also keen on focusing on detailing when it comes to our projects.

Our Core Strengths

Equipped with a bunch of professionals and a skilled workforce, BCC Building Construction is perfectly proficient in undertaking projects right from designing to construction to delivering turn-key projects. We redefine our success story as a full-fledged realty company with our highly qualified management and technical crew along with high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment that scales us up as a turn-key project executor to deliver BCC’s uncompromising commitment towards Quality, Safety, and the Environment.

You have our word

We not only build happy spaces but also sustainable relationships with our clients. Technical professionalism coupled with the finest craftsmanship, we are all set to construct hallmark spaces that blend environment and architecture in perfect aesthetics for generations.

Health & Safety

At BCC, we attach paramount importance to health and safety. Hence, it is within our responsibility to perform all the fabrication and erection activities of construction under the close supervision of professionals to enusre that such activities meet contract specifications, other applicable codes, standards and jurisdictional regulations.

The management takes effective measures to ensure that our safety policies are endorsed by every employee and that our employees remain adhered to them. We also ensure that these policies are constantly improved upon.